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Sony confirms PS5 is still scheduled to release this holiday season

Sony has got some good news for the gamers as it confirms that PlayStation 5 (PS5) would be released this holiday season as per the schedule, and it won’t be delayed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Not yet at least…

Sony weighs to alleviate concerns of its fans

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Due to the rulings of working from home and restrictions to factory operations, Sony fans are also concerned about the release of PS5 in the holiday season. But Sony has just alleviated any such concerns lingering in the gamers’ mind by confirming the launch of PS5 as per the schedule.

As per the end of financial year report released by Sony, no major issues have yet been reported in the development of PS5. So, its release is still on track during this holiday season. The company stated that although they have also been facing similar restrictions by the authorities due to the global crisis, yet they intend to release PS5 as per schedule without any delay. Moreover, all the games have been confirmed in PS5 and it would be fully installed with multiplayer mayhem

They said that although factors such as employees working from home and restriction on international travel, it would be a challenging task for them to release PS5 as per the schedule in terms of the testing and qualification of production lines. Yet, they were pleased with the development progress of the game so far.

They further mentioned that no major problems have arisen in the development pipeline, so the console would be launched in the holiday season.

Next-Gen Console

Although Sony has been facing lesser sales since last year, it’s determined to release the next-generation console. Moreover, two massive games are also on the way for PS4 players. This includes an extended look at the Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2.

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