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Sony Reveals the Highly-Anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) Console

At the latest Future of Gaming event, Sony revealed the looks of its new most-awaited PS5 console. The event took place this Thursday, during which the company showed off the design of the upcoming PS5.

Sony Play Station 5 Launch

Sony also displayed the gear suite including the HD camera, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and the media remote controller charging station. At the moment, the company has not disclosed the price of the console; so, it’s not clear yet if the gear is bundled or optional to add.

Image Credit: SONY

The design of the next-generation console comprises of a fresh white with black finishing and blue highlights.

The PS5 will come up with two versions; one is the standard model with a Blu-ray drive while the other one is a slimmer disc-less Digital Edition. The Digital edition entirely relies on streaming and downloads.

Gamespot reported that the PS5 comprises of a solid-state drive (SSD) instead of a hard drive like PS4. Moreover, the game discs will support a capacity of up to 100GB.

The CEO of the company, Jim Ryan, announced that they would be launching the PS5 console later this year. He further stated that they wanted to do something that was bold and almost daring almost. However, he declined to reveal its price or tell if the disc-less version would be cheaper than the standard model or it would be of the same price.

During the event, Sony also discussed new games added to the PS5 console. Some of the exclusive games included the sequel to Spider-Man, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil 8, and Horizon Forbidden West. The return of familiar characters along with entirely new titles will make the PS5 dazzling for its fans.

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