Steam survey shows AMD continues to steal market share from Intel

According to the latest Hardware and Software Survey by Steam, the PC gamers are slowly but surely switching from Intel processors to AMD processors. It’s relatively a great news for AMD, though Intel is still leading in the market shares with a whopping 77.54% of all respondents having an Intel CPU.

Intel losing its market value every month of 2020

Steam updates its Hardware and Software Survey every month based on information about different PC Gamers’ setups. According to the latest results of the survey that were published in May 2020, Intel is losing its market shares slowly because of the latest trend of buying AMD processor instead of Intel processor for PC gaming.

steam survey shows AMD beat Intel

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Compared to April’s results, Intel lost 0.74% of its share in May. Although the drop may not seem huge, it shows that Intel is eventually losing its control in the market place. While AMD would be happy of its growing CPU market share, it still needs to struggle

AMD is quite sure about making its place in the processor world with the latest trends. Even in the GPU world, its rival, Nvidia, still dominates the market, boasting of providing nine out of the top 10 GPUs to the users including the most used GTX 1060. The Radeon RX 580 is the only graphics card by AMD that was able to grab the 10th position in the top 10 GPUs’ survey.

At the moment, AMD has a 15.98% share in the GPU market, but Intel isn’t that far behind from it because of its 10.63% share in the market despite not making any dedicated gaming GPUs now.


According to Steam’s survey, almost 63.51% of PC gamers use monitors running at 1080p resolution during the gameplay. The next most popular resolution among them is rather low i.e., 1,366 x 768 with 10.91% of gamers using that resolution. It is a common resolution found on different laptops.

Meanwhile, 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution seems to be struggling to make much of an impact among the gamers, At the moment, only 2.17% of respondents are running that resolution.

As far as software is concerned, Windows 10 64-bit reigns supreme with it. Currently, it’s being installed on 85.58% of PCs. However, that’s actually a bit of a drop compared to the last month. The second most-used OS is still Windows 7 despite Microsoft ending its support for the ageing operating system back in January.

So, it seems like the May results of Steam’s survey are a bit mixed for AMD and Microsoft, while Nvidia remains relatively secure in maintaining its GPU market share. While Intel still being the CPU king, it needs to do something to put a stop to its losing market shares soon.