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Steam’s AI will recommend a PC game from your library to play next

The Steam Labs has recently launched a new feature for its players that analyzes their existing library of games based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and suggests which might be the next interesting game for them. The company named this feature “Play Next” depicting its purpose.

After Successful Experiment, Play Next feature goes Live

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In past, Steam Labs tested a machine learning-based feature that was capable of analyzing the gamers’ library consisting of previously played games by Steam. When it got some positive feedback from the users, they decided to launch it fully for their gamers. That’s how the ‘Play Next’ feature gets launched.

This new feature by Steam analyzes the Steam’s games collection of the gamers using machine learning and suggests which games they might like to play next. It’s extremely useful if you have got a big collection of Steam’s games. Thus, it would help you to make an informed decision and get to know the best games by Steam Labs launched this year.

However, if you have got similar copies of the same game in the library, its algorithm might suggest the games you have already played.

Significance of new feature

If you are new to Steam games or you’ve played just a few games, the new feature might not be of any interest to you. You can simply skip it for the moment. However, if you’ve got a no. of games in your Steam account, then this feature might come in handy to select the next interesting game.

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