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The Best Android Apps of 2018

There are present tons of apps in Google play store and the numbers are increasing constantly. Here we made a list of top 10 apps that will help you in your working and saves your time. We all have different life styles with diversified priorities. An ideal app for me might not work for you in the similar way. But in your play store you have a longer list with the apps having same functions. This list is based on the rating, popularity and special features that give them a distinction from others.

Top 10 apps of 2018

1. Google maps

This is one of the best apps for many of us. This app is great as it essentially maintains the navigation apps scene. It helps you from basics to the access to your interest places, directions to gas station and traffic data. With this app you don’t need any other navigation app. They updated their app frequently almost on weekly basis and also improve the grade of existing feature. This app is available in your mobile Google play store for free. Its rating is 4.3 that are quite nice. In this you get real-time GPS navigation and more than 220 countries and terrains maps with tons of places and businesses on it.

2. 1weather

This app is a complete package to get updated with weather conditions. With the ratings of 4.6 it is probably the most loved mobile weather update app. Its design is simple that shows the current and future weather conditions for 12 weeks, some stats and radar through pagination. It simply displays the widgets that are informally customizable and some standard stuff. With the help of radar you can see the storm approaching. It is available for free with all the features and ads. Incase of $1.99 charges adds are absent with the similar features. In this app the fun facts includes today weather, weather underground and dark sky that you can use if you want.


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