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The PS5 will be more customisable than any other PlayStation, announced Sony

As Sony has released the final design of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) at its special event, its console design has gone viral all over the internet. Different people are having different opinions regarding hardware design. Some people said that it looks like an internet router. While others were curious about the small details noticed on the console and the accessories.

PS5 Will Be More Customisable

Image Credit: Play Station

One of the Twitter users tweeted that if you zoom in enough into the images of the console, you’ll notice that the grip textures on the back of the DualSense are actually Square, Circle, Triangle, and Cross. This means that Sony put a tribute to the PlayStation history all over the console design.

However, many fans have still complained of only a white console despite its compact design and small details. They’re hoping for a black console – the traditional PlayStation color.

Recently, the UX Designer of PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin, shared some more information about console via Linkedin. He stated that the company would definitely come up with some special editions of the PS5. He further added that the current console was also more customizable compared to previous PlayStation’s generations.

This statement could be a hint that the new PS5 might come with faceplates like Xbox 360 or it might have some ability to customize the color of the lights that glow in the vents of the console.  The ‘special edition’ comment also reminds us of some lovely variations on the PS4 and PS4 Pro from the company.

In the past, Sony released the 500 Million PS4 Limited Edition and the PSOne-inspired design. Thus, we can expect that the company would be offering some great designs shortly after launching the PS5.

Sony has still not revealed the actual release date of the PS5. Moreover, the price of the console hasn’t been disclosed as well. Therefore, fans are expecting that Sony would be sharing more information about the hardware itself in the upcoming announcements especially about the customization options, price, and release date of the PS5.

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