Top 10 Astronomical Upcoming Events in 2019

8. New Moon – 4th February, 2019

The universe has presented us with yet another chance to behold the New Moon, which will situated on the same side of Earth, much like the Sun. The occurrence will begin at 21:03 UTC, and the moon will be not spotted in the nighttime sky.

Experts believe that this is the most suitable time in February to identify faint celestial bodies since the moonlight will no longer be a distraction, for instance, you can observe clusters of stars and far-away galaxies.

New Moon – February 4

Image Credit: ThoughtCo

9. Full Moon, Supermoon – 19th February, 2019

The Full Moon, Supermoon, occurring on 19th February will make the Moon much bigger and vibrantly bright that it normally is, and it be situated on the same side as the Sun, while being on the opposite of Earth. Its face will be towards the Sun, which will cause its illumination to brighten up.

Since hunting can be challenging, several tribes consider this moon to be the Full Hunger Moon. This will be second amongst the three Supermoon sightings expected to occur in 2019.

Full Moon, Supermoon – February 19

Image Credit: Express News

10. Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation – 27th February, 2019

Our list for the 10 most incredible astronomical events for 2019 end with the spectacular vision of Mercury at the Greatest Eastern Elongation. Basically, you get to witness the arrival of planet Mercury at the greatest eastern elongation, which places it approximately 18.1 degrees away from the Sun.

The evening sky is the most suitable time to behold this vision as Mercury rises at the highest peak point of the sky.

Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation

Image Credit: Dave Reneke