Top 10 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

3. Kepler-186f

Kepler-186f was discovered by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft and popular technique of the transit method, which also identified four other planets that were found to be orbiting closer to its host star. This exoplanet is located 550 light years away from the Earth, and it is a habitable exoplanet that carves out an orbit around the red dwarf, Kepler-186.

It is said to be the first planet that has a radius much like the Earth, and it is identified to be situated in a habitable zone of another star. Kepler-186f orbits around its host star and receive around 4% of the Sun’s light. Its orbital radius happens to be 0.40 times greater than the Earth’s orbital radius.

Experts has estimated the habitable zone of this exoplanet to sprawl over distances that make it a recipient of around 25-88% of the illumination of the Earth.

Kepler-186f Habitable Exoplanets


4. Kepler-296e

Kepler-296e was discovered by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft by employing the transit method. It has been confirmed to an exoplanet that has the same size as the Earth, and carves out an orbit around the habitable region of Kepler-296.

This discovery was revealed on 26th February 2014, when NASA announced that Kepler-296e is located in a habitable region of Kepler-296, a region that sustains the survival of liquid water upon the surface of this exoplanet.

Kepler-296e Habitable Exoplanets


5. Kepler-296f

NASA employed the transit method to discover Kepler-296f on its Kepler spacecraft, and it is one of the confirmed habitable exoplanets. Kepler-296f is situated inside the habitable region of Kepler-296, a zone that allows liquid water to survive upon the planet’s surface.

Kepler-296f Habitable Exoplanets