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Top 10 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

6. Kepler-62e

Kepler-62e was discovered by NASA’s transit method, which basically measures the dimming effect caused by a planet while orbiting in front of its host star. It is discovered to be a super-Earth exoplanet, or extra solar planet, which orbits inside the habitable region of Kepler-62.

It is situated around 1200 light years away from the Earth, within the constellation of Lyra. Astronomers have reasons to believe that Kepler-62e is most likely to be a terrestrial planet, or covered with ocean, and it is located in the inner region of the habitable zone of Kepler-62, its host star. The Kepler-62e carves out an orbit around its host star within a period of 122 days, and its diameter is around 60% greater than the diameter of the Earth.


7. Kepler-438b

Kepler-438B is a confirmed habitable exoplanet that features nearly the same size as the Earth, and it is said to orbiting around the habitable region of Kepler-438. Its terrain is most likely to be rocky, and it carves out its orbit within the inner edge of the habitable region of the red dwarf, which makes it a recipient of 1.4 times greater solar flux as compared to the earth.

Kepler-438b happens to be around 470 light years away from the Earth, while Kepler-438, its host star, is situated in a constellation that is 470 light years away from our planet.


8. Kepler-440b

On 6th January, 2015, NASA released reports to announce the status of Kepler-440b as a confirmed super-Earth exoplanet that carves out an orbit within the habitable region of the Kepler-440, which is located around 850 light years away from planet Earth.

Kepler-440b is considered to be a super-Earth exoplanet because its radius is 1.86 times greater than the radius of our planet. It completes its orbit around Kepler-440 in every 101.11 days.


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  • I really am intrigued by astronomy and space aND the planets,I didn't know about explanation out there,that's why they say the universe is vast,and wide,but at any rate,I Love the planets don'the ask me my fsvorite!


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