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Top 10 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

9. Kepler-62f

Kepler-62f is situated in the constellation of Lyra, and it is located around 1200 light years away from the Earth. It is considered to a super-Earth habitable exoplanet that carves out an orbit inside the habitable region of the star Kepler-62.

According to the dynamics of astrobiology and astronomy, a circumstellar habitable region refers to a zone surrounding a star that allows a planet with sufficient atmospheric pressure to sustain liquid water on the surface.


10. Wolf 1061c

Wolf 1061c, also known as the WL 1061c happens to be an exoplanet that is discovered to be carving out an orbit inside the habitable region of wolf 1061, the zone of the red dwarf star located in the constellation Ophiuchus. It is located nearly 13.8 light years far away from our planet, which makes it the fifth nearest exoplanet discovered so far.

Experts believe it to be the second planet in the sequence of distance from its host star, orbiting in a triple planetary system. Wolf 1061c is considered to be a super-Earth exoplanet, and it completes its orbit in a period of 17.9 days.




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  • I really am intrigued by astronomy and space aND the planets,I didn't know about explanation out there,that's why they say the universe is vast,and wide,but at any rate,I Love the planets don'the ask me my fsvorite!

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