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Unreal Engine 5 Demo Rendering Pretty Good Performance on PS5!

Recently, Epic Games released the demo footage of their upcoming Unreal Engine 5 game that seems to be hoarding all the attention of the gamers for quite some time. Not only the demonstration of the game is quite impressive, but it is also confirmed to be running on Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) with some great visuals and performance.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo Rendering 1440P on PS5

As the Epic Games released the footage of the game demo, its founder, Tim Sweeney, also discussed the upcoming game footage in an interview with Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry along with his other engineers.

According to the Unreal Engine 5 engineers, it was rendering a performance of 1440P on the PS5 most of the time. This seems to be quite interesting for the players as it also works quite well with the dynamic resolution technique. So, if the GPU load gets high, it’s possible to lower the screen resolution a bit to adapt to it.

The Epic Games also claimed that the upcoming game has such great gameplay that the PC gamers can enjoy playing it on even RTX 2070 GPU. Technically, NVIDIA’s GPU even sports an inferior nominal TFLOPS value compared to the PS5, so it’s great news for PC gamers.

The founder of the Epic Games further stated that the PC SSDs would also give great performance due to the technology used in the Unreal Engine 5. He discussed a no. of different components required to render this level of performance. According to him, a very large no. of teraflops is required along with high-performing GPU architecture to load and stream the game efficiently.

That’s why they have optimized the upcoming game for the next-generation storage to ensure faster loading by multiples of current performance. For this purpose, they took advantage of next-generation SSD architectures especially the PS5 architecture with a spectacular storage system that is pretty far ahead of PCs. That’s why the PC gamers can expect an awesome performance on a high-end PC with an SSD and NVMe.

The company further confirmed that the key features would be available across all next-generation platforms including Nanite technology-powered micro polygon geometry and Lumen powered real-time GI. In the demo footage of the upcoming game by Epic Games, ‘hundreds of billions of polygons’ were displayed using the above-mentioned technology.

Render everything your eyes sees

The demo of Unreal Engine 5 showcased a fully new dynamic Lumen technology that ensures immediate reacts to scene changes during the gameplay and provides extremely accurate lighting and reflections at scale from millimeters to kilometers. It’s expected that there would be hardware ray tracing support in the game as well though it wasn’t featured in the debut demo of the game. Even without raytracing, the game renders great graphics and showcase of the latest technologies in the gaming industry.

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