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You Can Now Build Your Own Mars Rover for About $2500

Even though it is still a very distant possibility that any of us earthlings will ever get the opportunity to travel to Mars, however, that doesn’t necessarily have to stop us from building our dream castles, now does it?

According to, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) issued a blueprint that shows the design of a powerful planetary rover that has captivated the attention of hobbyists, astronauts, engineers and all space-lovers. The best part is, it is available for free download!

Named as the Open Source Rover, it is a much simpler variation of NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which marks its sixth year of residence on Mars on 6th August, 2018. This machine is a six-wheeler beast that cost as little as $2500 to be designed and built. The manufacturers who built this rover used commercial material and off-the-shelf parts, for instance, an Xbox controller, 3D-printed encoder mounts, and an LED board.

The JPL authorities have also issued a 100-page long instruction manual, which is highly detailed and insightful. According to the officials, this rover is most suitable for high school and college students, however, adults can also enjoy it. It is ideal for anyone who is interested in or has a background of electronics, software development, and mechanical assembling of cars and machinery.

The builder can customize the rover to suit all kinds of preferences and create a unique design that appeals to them most, for instance, builders can install RPM motors to make the rover faster in speed, add solar panels to make it energy-efficient, or even add USB cameras if you like.

Mik Cox, the project manager is reported to have given a statement to the press, saying,

I would love to have had the opportunity to build this rover in high school, and I hope that through this project we provide that opportunity to others.

You can download the test plans and the 100-page instruction manual for free, all you have to do is visit GitHub and rejoice the fun of building your very own Mars Rover!


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