You Can Run Crysis on Ryzen 4000 ‘Renoir’ APU Without Any CPU Cooling System

AMD’s Ryzen 4000 ‘Renoir’ APU lineup has some really great features. But one of the impressive things is that you can play Crysis using Renior Quad-Core APU without any CPU cooling system attached to it.

A Twitter user, Fritzchens Fritz, who has provided close-up die shots of various CPUs and GPUs in the past, recently shared his experience of running the Ryzen 4000 processor without attaching a CPU cooling system to it.

He stated that he used the Ryzen 3 4300U, a Quad-core and a four-thread processor with a base clock of 2.7 GHz and a boost clock of 3.7 GHz. He tested the chip under an intense scenario where no active or passive cooling was provided to the chip.


Image Credit: AMD

There is even no integrated heat spreader (IHS) in the above-mentioned processor to carry off the heat from the die which made this test even more brutal. But, fortunately, the chip didn’t even break a sweat.

Fritz concluded that this became possible because of the Renoir Mobile Tuning tool that helps to set the original temperature limit down to 90°C. In the video posted by him, the CPU ran for 10 minutes. Actually, it’s infrared thermal imaging due to which most of the heat is carried off to the PCB around the die.

Thus, the APU die remained a bit cooler than the PCB where the heat was being dissipated. since there was no cooling attached, the CPU had to retain specific thermal balance. Due to this, the Cinebench R15 score of the processor was just 124 points on a single-core and 327 points on all-core tests.

However, it’s not just the Cinebench R15 score that makes this little discovery interesting but rather a full run of the Crysis benchmark. There are five enhanced Vega compute units in the APU which equates to a total of 320 stream processors running at 1400 MHz.

Like the CPU, the GPU also had to manage the thermal limits by reducing clock speeds. Even then, the chip was able to run a complete loop of the Crysis benchmark without a hiccup despite no cooling solution.

Test Ryzen Renoir

To confirm his conclusion, Fritz also ran 3Dmark Time Spy but the only difference here was that the CPU was able to run the tests without a cooling system. Otherwise, the scores were lackluster at just 1262 points for the CPU and 353 points for the GPU. But this performance was expected for the given thermal constraints. Here one thing is for sure, that Renoir APUs can run Crysis even without any cooling system.